Why Spanking Is Good For You

Why Spanking Is Good For You

Spanking is a playful and fun activity that can enhance an erotic massage experience. A little slap on the bum can send a rush of pleasurable sensations through the entire body.

Buttocks are an erogenous area of the body that can be explored in many ways. Spanking stimulates the senses, heightens sensitivity and pleasure, and promotes a deeper level of self-awareness.

Prime Spanking Positions

• Across the lap – Lying down across the lap is a great position to practice playful spanking. Support the body with one hand, and use the other to spank.

• Bent over – Bending over a table, or other waist height surface, offers the perfect spanking opportunity.

• On all fours – The classic all fours position is ideal for spanking.

How To Spank

There is a right and a wrong way to do it. Spanking should be fun for both participants, and shouldn’t leave any soreness or nasty red marks on the skin.

• When using the hand to spank, cup the hand slightly and keep fingers close together. This reduces stinging sensations. You can also experiment with different gloves – leather, latex, faux fur etc – to intensify the pleasure.

• If using a paddle or other erotic spanking prop, massage the buttocks and begin with lighter spanks. Rub and squeeze the fleshy area of buttocks between each slap.

• Gradually increase the intensity and speed of your spanking. Spank in a swiping upwards motion.

• Alternate spanks with rubbing, caressing and squeezing.

• Use a ‘safe’ word so that you both know when your recipient doesn’t want to be spanked anymore.

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