Mutual Massage

How To Enjoy Mind-Blowing Mutual Massage in NYC

Mutual massage is an erotically enjoyable experience, and the perfect way to intensify intimate connection.

Sharing the pleasure, through touch and stimulation, is sensually arousing and pleasurable for both partners.

When you explore the art of pleasuring you elevate your orgasmic encounter, and master new sensuous foreplay and lovemaking tricks along the way.

Beginner’s Luck

If you are unsure about how to give an erotic massage let your experienced masseuse be your guide.

She will show you how to apply light and gentle touch to the super sensitive erogenous zones.

You will quickly build your confidence and knowledge of how to pleasure and orgasmically satisfy a woman.

This insight can strengthen your intimate and sexual relationship with your partner.

Seated Pleasure

A seated position, during mutual massage, ensures comfort and easy accessibility to all erogenous zones.

You can use a Sukebe chair and plenty of soapy lather, or comfortable cushions positioned on the floor.

Sit cross-legged facing your masseuse, and begin the massage with gentle strokes all over the body.

Take turns to make the skin tingle with tantalising delight. Avoid direct contact with the genital area at first, to prolong the ecstasy and increase orgasmic expectation.

Once you are both fully aroused you can take your pleasure elsewhere.

Simultaneous Satisfaction

The ultimate erotic massage experience involves the tantric stimulation of the lingam/yoni and anal pleasure zone.

This deeply pleasurable mutual massage in New York blends physical contact with emotional connection, for a mind-blowing orgasmic finish.

Maintaining eye contact plays a big part in enhancing sensuous sensations throughout the simultaneous mutual sexual rub.

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