Just when you thought things couldn't get more erotic, along comes nuru massage.

A therapy designed in Japan, which has the sole aim of providing the recipient with some adult pleasure and relaxation.

This massage involves the nuru masseuse pouring nuru gel, which is a non-sticky colourless gel, all over the receivers naked body and hers as well.

She will then provide a full on intimate body to body massage, where she will slip and slide all over the place.

Nuru massage is a lot of fun and must be tried by anyone who likes to roll around with a sexy woman.

What is Nuru Massage?

A nuru massage  in NYC is an exciting body to body massage that brings an element of sensual fun to the tantric games.  

Nuru massage creates closeness, laughter, sexual pleasure and relaxation in a new and exciting way.

If you’ve ever wanted to get naked and slippery with a beautiful, talented lady then this is the ultimate in pleasure.

Where did Nuru Massage Originate?

Nuru massage originates from Kawasaki City in Japan. It was created when ancient laws forbade sexual contact, but in the spirit of invention the body-to-body massage was created, neatly avoiding any trouble.

What Is Nuru Gel?

Nuru massage is named after the unique seaweed-based gel that’s used to keep sexy smooth contact. It’s an ultra thick and slippery gel that keeps friction down to zero.

Nuru gel has the feel of oil, but it’s a water based gel that doesn’t stain your clothing or hair, and doesn’t leave a scent behind. It’s odourless, tasteless and stainless – perfect for slippery games.

Nuru is based on the Japanese species of Nori seaweed found on the Japanese coastline. Seaweed is known for its moisturising and healing qualities, particularly on sensitive and dry skins.

The gel is often mixed with other nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera to ensure you get the best lubrication with maximum moisturisation and little chance of a reaction.

Nuru gel lasts as long as you need it to and washes away without a trace leaving you fresh, revitalised and tingling from head to toe with tantric pleasure.  

What Happens In A New York Nuru Massage?

Prepare to get slippery!

Nuru massage is performed on a waterbed, air mattress or waterproof sheet to make sure the gel stays where you need it and your body is supported at all times.

Your masseuse will apply nuru gel to her naked body before sensually massaging every inch of your skin with every imaginable part of her body – it won’t only be her hands massaging you all over.

Nuru creates extreme physical contact. It’s a very popular massage, and those that have one don’t look back. The skin-on-skin contact is divine and additive, you’ll be hooked.

Reasons Why You Should Try Nuru With Your Partner or Professional Therapist in NY

Firstly it feels so good, even better than you can imagine. It’s such a pleasurable experience and everyone deserves to feel good.

If you’re feeling over-worked, anxious or down in the dumps, what better way to boost your spirits and forget your troubles than sliding around with a beautiful tantric lady in a slippery heaven.

Your mental health is important and forgetting your worries can keep you on top of your schedule.

The special gel brings plenty of moisturising properties to your skin, and the nuru massage techniques improve your physical health by stimulating the lymphatic systems and prostate glands.

Sore, tired muscles overworked from sports or sitting at a desk all day get a slippery workout and soothing rub down.

This full body slippery sensation massage is suitable for men and women.

Having a Japanese nuru massage in New York City will leave you glowing, revitalised and stress-free with sexy adult fun.

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