For those guys who appreciate the beauty of female feet.

For those who like the thought of these sexual women using their feet to give your body a full sensual massage, then a foot fetish massage must be on your to do list.

Find the masseuses who offer foot fetish massage in NYC in our gallery page.

Do you appreciate a finely manicured and shapely woman’s foot?

Then why not experience the ultimate in fetish massage - a sensual erotic massage that uses her beautiful feet to soothe, stimulate and tease your entire body.

What is Foot Fetish Massage?

Foot fetish massage is certainly something new for those of you that have always chosen a traditional tantric massage, but new experiences bring great pleasure.

This traditional foot to body massage has been popular for thousands of years and it comes in a variety of forms, all designed to please the connoisseur of female feet.

Treatments range from massaging your body and intimate areas with her feet, to admiring and touching a stocking or high-heeled foot complete with sleek toenail polish.

Foot fetish massage is unusual, arousing and altogether an exciting experience everyone should try at least once.

So What Can You Expect In Our New York Foot Fetish Massage?

Foot fetish massage is a wide ranging pleasure.

new york foot fetish.jpg

Some people like to have just their feet massaged, others like to massage and touch their therapist’s foot, and others want a full body massage using only her talented feet.

You may have a certain request - if so let your therapist know in advance for example if you have a preference for red toenail polish its good manners to ask in advance.

A foot fetish massage is both soft and firm. Your body will be manipulated by pretty toes, sweeping arches and smooth heels that create waves of pleasure to stimulate and excite your nerve endings.

Along with her feet your masseuse will use other body techniques to stimulate your skin and intimate areas.

You Need To Try Our Foot Fetish Massage - and here's why...

Very Arousing -

Having your body massaged all over by soft pedicured feet is entirely arousing whether it’s your first time or you’re an expert in all things foot fetish.

Positive Health Effects - 

Massage is great for your physical health especially the lymphatic and circulatory systems as the manipulation stimulates your blood flow and flushes out any toxins.

The firm kneading of your muscles will soothes out knots, aches and pains, and the lotions will smooth your skin leaving it perfectly moisturised.

It also has to be said that the mental health benefits from foot fetish massage can make a real impact on your stress and anxiety levels.

It's Fun -

Foot fetish massage is fun, sexy and immersive - you’ll forget your troubles as you relax into a session of playful eroticism with a soft masseuse who knows what she’s doing.

As you relax your blood pressure will drop and your stresses will seem a world away. We all need a break from the pressures of life.  

If you have no idea where to begin with foot fetish massages just relax, she’ll show you the way.

Foot fetish massage is a seriously under-rated massage that more people should try.

The fun aspects relax your mind, the eroticism brings down anxiety levels, and the physical massage leaves your muscles and skin tingling.

If you haven’t tried foot fetish massage in New York then you’re missing out on one of life’s undervalued erotic indulgences.  

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