Explore the satisfying experience of a massage for couples.

Both you are your partner will join an erotic masseuse or masseur where you will have a wonderful massage threesome.

What is a couples erotic massage in New York?

Couples erotic massage is the ultimate shared experience that brings the passion and sexual excitement back into your relationship by opening up new avenues of pleasure and intimacy that boost and strengthen your bond.

A couples massage can connect you both on that higher level of eroticism and sexual pleasure that’s so important in a healthy relationship, because if you play together you stay together.

What happens during this session?

A couples erotic massage means you and your partner will be joined by an experienced and talented therapist.

Talking to your therapist before the massage is important so both partners are comfortable with the exciting touches and feelings you’ll share. After that, you’ll enjoy a three-way tantric massage beginning with a deep tissue massage that gradually moves into all your intimate areas.

A couples erotic massage lets you share sights, sounds and erotic feelings together.  Any anxieties and stresses you have will melt away as you indulge in relaxing yet stimulating heaven.

You’ll both leave feeling refreshed, satisfied and very adventurous.

Why you should try an erotic massage with your partner in NYC

The fun of another person joining your erotic massage is highly stimulating for some couples.

Three people massaging each other intimately on a bed, or one watching whilst two indulge in tantric massage, stimulates all the senses without compare.

If you watch your partner experience an enticing, erotic massage you’ll learn new ways to stimulate and excite them so you can continue the fun at home when you’re alone.



It can be hard to understand how your partner enjoys being touched intimately, but watching a talented tantric therapist work their magic is a learning experience way beyond anything you’ve tried before.

You’ll soon know your partner’s desires better than anyone.

And your partner can learn how you like to be touched by watching or joining in the fun.

A talented masseuse or masseur can uncover new erogenous zones, show you how to stimulate areas neither of you knew felt pleasurable.

Best of all you enjoy it together.

The mental benefits from a couples massage can be huge.

The shared sexual experience you’ll build with your partner is exciting so it creates a strong bond, plus a deep tissue massage is great for your health, it soothes aching muscles, soothes pain and releases endorphins that make you feel good.

The oils and lotions used are moisturising and leave your skin glowing.

What’s not to love?

A shared erotic massage is not only highly pleasurable, it’s a learning experience that brings back a spark, or creates a fire in the existing flames. Adventurous couples should not miss out on this sensual experience.

Shared tantric pleasure and an erotic sexual bond are essential elements in a good relationship and to your overall well-being.  

A shared erotic massage gives you quality time together without interruption from family pressures or home life problems.

You’ll have sexy fun together and go home feeling energised and excited about your relationship.

Come experience our special sensual massage for couples in New York today.

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