A b2b massage with some rub and tug action is a great way to spend an hour or two.

Having a body to body massage is a great fun, and feels fantastic too.

The naked masseuse will move up and down your body, which will really stimulate those nerve endings under your skin.

Take a look at the sexy women at our agency who offer body to body massage New York style in the models gallery.

What is Body-to-Body Massage

Body to body massage is the tantalising art of using every soft naked body part to rub, stroke and stimulate every inch of your body.

This full-on skin contact brings a heightened sense of pleasure than hands can rarely achieve.

Your therapist will glide, press and rock her naked body on every part of yours.

It’s a highly popular therapy because it promotes a sense of closeness with a huge amount of eroticism.

What happens during an NYC body to body massage?

Get ready to experience the ultimate in warm, sensual erotic pleasure.

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You’ll lie back on a comfortable, supportive bed while your therapist covers herself in oil, gel or lotion.

She’ll begin with a massage on your shoulders and neck, and then as you relax into it, she’ll introduce other body parts to complete the massage.

Our therapists are fit ladies that can support their own weight easily to glide arms, legs, buttocks, calves, forearms and breasts all over your skin.

This will bring a variety of sensations that are enticing, relaxing and utterly erotic.

Body to body massage with its soft pleasures is a very sensual experience that makes you feel alive and relaxed at the same time.

Why you should try body to body massage with your partner or professional therapist in New York.

As well as feeling divine, body to body massage in NYC is an immersive experience that boosts your physical and mental health. 

Plus the lotions and gels moisturise your skin leaving it silky smooth and glowing with health.

The physical benefits

The physical benefits are brought by soothing sore, tense muscles or aches and pains from sport or a sedentary office based life style.

It can help with backaches, headaches and shoulder tension from sitting in front of a computer all day.

The stimulating all over body strokes also boost your lymphatic system, draining out toxins and improving blood flow which in turn can improve your immune system and make fighting off colds and infections easier.

The feel good sensations of a beautiful talented lady rubbing her naked body all over yours release endorphins. Endorphins are your happy hormones, that help fight pain and stress.
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There’s good evidence that massage can help with a variety of pain problems such as post accident recovery, fibromylagia and chronic illnesses by increasing endorphin's and boosting the circulatory system.

The emotional benefits

Body to body massage is blissful and soothes your mind into a state of bliss so you forget your troubles.

Skin on skin contact brings that feeling of human companionship and comfort if you’ve been feeling isolated.

Anxious, worried or overworked folk can forget their troubles during a sensual body to body massage which can help bring down blood pressure levels and improve your outlook on life.

Mental health is extremely important but it’s often overlooked.

If you’re feeling tense, stressed anxious or unhappy a body to body massage can release those feelings and boost your mood sky high.

The sensations created by a body to body massage melt away your anxieties and promote total relaxation.

It’s a full body rub experience that promotes well-being, good feelings and the ultimate in eroticism.

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